You need to update your Hazardous Materials Manual There is nothing hard, Just unfamiliar! Don't worry. We’ve got your back !!
ALL NEW !! Hazardous Materials Operations and Training Manuals. All new and ready for FAA approval !! Time moves slowly, but passes quickly. Soon your POI will notify you that you need to submit a new Hazardous Materials Manual. Our new manuals are FAA ready and many have been approved in as little as 2 days. There are over two thousand operators in the United States and each of them is going to have to submit a new/revised manual. Can you imagine the backlog when all these manuals hit the FAA? You need to submit yours early so there is no interruption in your charter operations..
The FAA has changed a great deal concerning the Hazardous Materials Operations and Training Manual requirements. The DOT has issued a new Chart 17 and is asking for Lithium Battery Guidance, Safety Materials Publications and updated acceptance/rejection checklists. FAA website addresses change frequently and we have updated all the external links to HazMat web addresses. Our manuals are also cross referenced to the latest set of Data Collection Tools (DCTs) from FSIMS and includes a cross-reference document for easy location of DCT requirements in the manual. The manual contains hundreds of external links to the Federal Regulations. Just click on the link and a window will open with the regulation, Advisory Circular, FAA/DOT form or DCT Question. No more searching for external referenced documents. Original manuals created in 2020 and 2021 may be revisable for $200.00. Each revised manual will be marked with change bars and revision number updated on each revised chapter. Older manuals "could be revised" but the revision is huge. The problem with revising an older manual is that the entire manual needs to be updated. This will slow the approval process because the FAA HazMat Inspector needs to read all revisions to ensure accuracy. Revision is also time consuming and costly and may delay delivery to you. We have consulted with the HazMat Inspectors and agreed that the better solution is to issue a new manual and mark it as a "Reissue". The HazMat Inspectors are so familiar with our manuals that approving our current manual is an easy read for them. The biggest complaint is that the operator failed to sign the acceptance page or signed it with a digital signature and locked the document. Don't worry, we can hold your hand and guide you through the process. We can even insert your signature for you if you send us a picture of your signature. We will photoshop it, remove the background and insert the image in the manual. Some of the features of our HazMat Manuals: New DOT Chart 17 IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Safety Materials and Publications Acceptance checklist updated to 2021 versions Corporate Overview (Single Pilot and Basic Operators) Cross reference to FSIMS Data Collection Tools (DCTs) 100's of links to the regulations in CFR 49 and 14 Links to external Advisory Circulars and FAA forms Management personnel defined by type of operation (Single Pilot/Basic Operator) Passenger notification system Updated hidden shipment indicators Lithium battery restrictions Lithium Battery fires and Burn Bag use Company Materials (COMAT) Complete update of the Training Section with regulation links Pilot notifications forms Repair station notification There are currently 4 versions of the HazMat manual to match your operations. Here are the versions: Single Pilot - Will Carry Single Pilot - Will-Not-Carry Basic/Standard Operator - Will Carry Basic/Standard Operator - Will-Not-Carry If you have any questions, call our HazMat department at: 530-727-8135 Don't wait for your POI to tell you that you need a new manual. There will be a backlog in the system when everyone starts submitting new or revised manuals. Do it now and go to the front of the line.
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