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Part 119 Certification of Air Carriers and Commercial Operators Part 135 Operating Requirements: Commuter and On-Demand Operations and rules governing persons on board such aircraft.
Title 49 Parts 100 to 177 and Parts 178 to 199 Hazardous Materials Regulations for the carriage and non-carriage of Hazardous Materials.

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[Note: As with all FARs, safety precautions should be taken before reading. Only read an FAR when properly rested, and with large amounts of caffeine circulating throughout your body. If your chair has a seat belt, it should be fastened. A helmet can also provide protection in case of sudden loss of consciousness.]
This is by no means a comprehensive list of consortiums and this list will be updated regularly. This is a list of some of the consortiums used by our current operators.

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530-PART135 (530-727-8135)

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